Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Contractor Mortgages Information

There is always so many questions form our clients most of these come from rumours and myths associated with Contractor Mortgages.

We have worked with major mortgage lenders for over 30 years to help contractors get the mortgage they need. In this time we have learnt what mortgage underwriters and lenders alike are concerned about and why it used to be so difficult for contractors to obtain a mortgage.

Recently this has all changed with mortgage lenders not being averse to lending to contractors and the great news is you are no longer seen as high risk. So why do concerns still surround mortgages and contractors. Unfortunately not all mortgage brokers are up to speed with this type of employment, this can leave you getting incorrect or improper advice should you make an application.

How can I benefit from using a contractor mortgage broker?

An experienced contractor mortgage broker will understand your circumstances and know how you can meet the lenders requirements. It is important to be well informed at this stage to get you the best deal available to you.

What is the best Contractor Mortgage Deal?

Now that the mortgage market has opened up to lending main stream mortgages to contractors the best mortgage is no longer based on who will accept you. You can now benefit from full impartial mortgage advice from the whole of the market.

The contractor mortgage broker is a whole of market advisor meaning that we can search the leading mortgage lenders from the UK to find a deal that suits your needs.

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