First Time Buyer

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Buying your first home can be a daunting experience there is a lot to think about. From deposits to areas and most importantly can you actually afford it? First time buyers have had a rough deal over recent years with recession making it seem even harder to get a mortgage.

But for people like you the financial crisis has bought different issues recently leaving university or training and now having a new job but you are not employed you are a contractor. How does this affect your chances of owning your own home and what does it mean for you financially.

The good news is that using The Contractor Mortgage Broker to get your mortgage you will not face the issues you are expecting when buying your first home as a Contractor. The good news is that you are not treated as a self-employed individual so you do not have to wait three years if you have the deposit and clean credit file you may be ready to go.

You could get a contractor mortgage for your first home as long as you have following in place.

A fixed term contract with an agreed day rate. We use the day rate to work out exactly what you could borrow and then match it to your existing credit commitments.

A good credit rating as long as your credit rating is ok we should be able to help you achieve your goals of getting a mortgage as a contractor for your first home.

Your current affairs are in order this will happen when you are looking at your credit file but make sure that all your payments are up to date and your bank account is in order. This will make it easier for us to start searching for the best contractor mortgage deal available for you.

With deposits as low as 5% and access to help to buy and right to buy government backed schemes you could only be a few steps away from owning your first home.

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